Fall & Rise

by Patrick Dethlefs

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released June 8, 2012

Patrick Dethlefs: guitar/vox
Aaron Youngberg: pedal steel
Jason Haas Hecker: bass
Macon Terry: upright bass
Mark Anderson: drums
Paul Dehaven: guitar/vox
Susan Anderson: vocals
Justin Hoffenberg: fiddle
Sarah Anderson: vocals

Recorded at: Evergroove by Brad Smalling
Mixed at Swingfingers Studios by Aaron Youngberg
Mastered at Airshow by David Glasser
Artwork by Paul Dehaven
Photos/Layout by Lindsay Giles McWilliams

www.patrickdethlefs.com patrickdethlefs@gmail.com

All songs written by Patrick Dethlefs
© 2012 Patrick Dethlefs
2012 Patrick Dethlefs BMI
All rights reserved



all rights reserved


Patrick Dethlefs Kittredge, Colorado

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Track Name: Far Away
The sound of the wind is calling my name
It’s been calling me home and taking me away
Far away
Where have I gone the howling wind blows

From way up here I can see
A place for going, a time to leave
Don’t forget it’s true what they say
You don't know what you got
Until they've taken it
Far away

Far away, far away

Light me on fire, throw out the key
Wash me away, don't let me be
A memory
Look what I’ve done
The sound of rain falling

I should have known, I should have seen
What should have been doesn't mean anything
Look at me now. I'm doing fine
Though I cant help but feeling
Far away
Track Name: The Farther You Go
All the bits and pieces
Make up something more
Will it mean that much
When they've settled the score?

You've worked so hard
Done your best
Once you've climbed the mountain
What is left?

Oh you've still got to make it down

Where will we go from here?
Where will you go from me?
There's a constant sound in my memory
Sometimes it's hard to get up and leave

But who knows what you may find

The farther you go
The further you get
I can’t hear you now
Is there anything left
Of what I've known?

With your wide eyes
And heavy breath
You've been moving fast
And looking ahead

Is there ever an end?
Does it keep circling?
All that I see
Is a constant theme

But I still end up surprised
Track Name: Done & Done
It sounds so sad, that word goodbye
You can’t see the day without the night
Go right through the darkest times
Find it out, realize.

That it’s done and done
Past and past, you can’t help yourself
From looking back

How sweet it was when I was young
Now I’m growing up, my roots run deep
Changed my colors, lost my leaves
Seasons changing, growing green,

The farther I do go, the less it seems to be
The tracks don’t lead me back
To how it used to be
Track Name: As For The Songs
As for the songs you have given me
Here’s to the good times we’ve had
It’s not my fault, the way you’ve treated me
But it ends up so bad
It ends up so bad

Then I remember your reasons for going
And I wonder of my worth
But you keep on moving, ‘cause that’s all you can do
And that’s all you’ve ever done
That’s all you’ve ever done

Oh it’s not that my heart has been broken
It’s not that you’re gone so long
When I get the feeling for leaving
It’s so hard not to hold on

Was it worth all the pen-and-paper?
Did it ever feel right?
If you come back again, could we make it work?
Will you ever have the time?
Will you ever have the time?

After all my looking back
It was never what it seemed
Have I wasted my time? Give me another try
Oh can you be true?
Oh can you be true?
Track Name: I'll Be Gone
Adjust your eyes to the light
What you saw then is behind
Gone are the days you knew then
I’ll wake up someday where I’d like to be

I still remember where I am from
Oh where I'm bound for it is uncertain

I could trace it but it wouldn't be mine to claim

Oh, Oh, Oh

Blindly walking down the road
Thought I knew the bad from good
Once you’ve got it there it goes
I'll wake up someday where I’d like to be

When I get to where I'm going
What will I do then?

Oh, Oh, Oh

When I look back
I’ll be gone
Track Name: Another Colorado Song
Oh that fresh thin air, tall pines and snow
All the love of my kinfolk
Colorado I call you home
To the mountains I will go

Up that long and winding canyon road
Lies a place I have come to know
Meet me at the old general store
And I’ll show you what I’ve been thinking of

It’s a gold mine. It’s a mile high
Through a small town on an old dirt road
It’s another Colorado song

When the days are young and the night falls cold
When the aspens start, they go
And that chilly wind, oh she blows
She blows

It’s a red rock, a late summer’s peach
Oh another day down by the creek
It’s another Colorado song
Track Name: Fall & Rise
Don’t let me keep you up
Don’t let me bring you down
I hold you close to me
I feel you breathe

Rest on my shoulder
Shut your tired eyes
I’ll stay with you
Through the dark and cold night

You dream of places far
When you go I’ll wish you near
We may never know why
We fall only to rise

Lay down
Lay down that heavy weight
Somehow we’ll move on
Someday we’ll forget

Listen for the answer
It sings loud and clear
We may never know why
We fall only to rise

We fall only to rise
Track Name: Will I Ever Find A Way?
All things are uncertain. They may always be
I can’t tell where I'm going, I can barely see
Am I headed for greatness? Will I fail?
Is it a long lonesome road or a golden trail?

It’s too dark to tell
It’s too early in the day
And I'm too lost to think so clearly
Will I ever find a way?

Should I stay or should I go? Do you want me to leave
for a life in the city or a home in the trees?
And when I return, will I be a better man?
Will I know what to do, will I finally understand?

I can’t ever make a plan
It don't matter what I say
‘Cause I still worry of what could happen
Will I ever find a way?

I never will meet who I could've been
I just sit and think of times when
I didn't know what to do, so lost and confused
Send me on my way. Tell me what to do.

It’s too dark to tell
It’s too early in the day
And I'm too lost to think so clearly
Will I ever find a way?
Will I ever find a way?
Track Name: For A Change
Still I wonder. I can’t tell you why
But I’m still going after all this time
Have I seen this before, am I lost again?
Do I even know what I am looking for?

All the roads that I have been down
Where did they take me, what have I found?
Did I make a wrong turn, is this how it’s supposed to be?
Oh I can’t go back now

I can’t recognize this place
I’ve already asked you, can we stay?
At least I can say I have known it well
But I guess it’s time for a change

A song, that’s all I need
Paint me a picture, tell the story
Had I listened well, I’d know what it means
Can anyone really tell?

Will I make it? It’s never felt so far
Can you reach the end without losing who you are?
At least I can say I have known it well
But I guess it’s time for a change
Track Name: We Keep Going
Our days are numbered
We all wear with time
With all this trouble
I’ve grown so tired

Are we better knowing?
Is it best left unsaid?
Oh to be blind
To never have left

It’s hard to come by, it’s hard to know
When to hold ‘em, when to fold
Run and hide, seek and find
Lose and wind, try again
Oh it keeps going

We can’t stay here
With all our reasons to go
Someday I’ll leave
Let me be alone

When I am gone
Wherever I may be
I’ll get it together
I’ll finally see

Oh well
Time and time again
It's bound to happen
It keeps on going
We keep going